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Alexandra Park is a popular place for team building sessions, helped by its accessible location, free car parking, and ample outdoor space for team building activities in the heart of Epsom.

Team building meetings ensure your company is working well, always up to par and prepared to tackle the challenges of Auckland team building for the New Zealand corporate environment. The right location for your team building activities in Auckland will help you strategise better and establish a high degree of collaboration between your employees. If you find it impossible to organise effective gatherings in your existing offices, we have among the widest selection of affordable team building venues and we can accommodate small businesses and large corporations. Our rooms are comfortable, modern and immaculate.

Small organisations love us for team building as do large corporates. We have dedicated corporate team building venues and a full spectrum of professional equipment to help you organise a large meeting and present all your information effectively or carry out training on the spot. We can provide a range of presentational, video and audio equipment and we can record the event for you.

If privacy is imperative for your business, our dedicated meeting venues will allow you to comfortably share information among your employees. We can also accommodate organisations of all sizes. If you’re a small business you can utilise our smaller venues. If you’re a big corporate you can use our large venues and we can adjust the ambience to match. We specialise in great food and will tailor menu and beverage packages to suit your specific needs.

Alexandra Park is just 20 minutes from Auckland airport and 20 minutes from the central city. Most importantly we deliver immense value for money.

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