“Whatchagot” for us this week A White?? ;)

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May 4, 2018 Tips / Expert Selections

He watches the racing here at The Park week after week from the best seat in the house, so sit back, relax and let the man who knows the horses like the back of his hand do all the work for you.

6:04pm Race 1.
9.Majestic Hurricane 7.Safrakova 3.Show Of Faith 4.Beat The Heat

6:32pm Race 2.
7.Bettor Step Aside 4.Cowboys N Indians 6.Rain Man 5.Red Reactor

7:03pm Race 3.
11.Shenandoah** 2.English Rose 10.Jenora 7.Sezana

7:32pm Race 4.
3.Ivana Flybye** 8.Delight My Soul 5.Queen Lostris 1.Caitlyn Clarke

8:03pm Race 5.
10.Forget The Price Tag 15.Monaro Mia 9.All American 5.Jansson

8:33pm Race 6.
3.Mr Yips 2.Trojan Banner 6.Lion Rock 1.Nice To Be Norvic

9:02pm Race 7.
7.Massive Metro 10.C K Spur 8.Galleons Victory 3.Billy At Salsa

9:32pm Race 8.
3.Bubble Gum 9.Christian Who 10.The Lone Ranger 7.Poppy Drayton

10:00pm Race 9.
4.Double O Heaven 5.Westburn Bliss 1.Womeninleague 9.Pocket Miss

Best Bets:
Race 3 11.Shenandoah.
Race 4 3.Ivana Flybye.

Race 6 9.Whatchagot.

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