The enigmatic but talented Bopper Jet leading the way for a strong team of Brosnan 5 this Friday at the Park

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Nov 16, 2016 Trainer Interviews

Richard Brosnan has a very good start to the season and he looks poised to continue that good run of form this Friday night at The Park. The AP newsdesk caught up with Richard to see how he assessed his team's chances and of the five he has in, he rated the talented but enigmatic pacer Bopper Jet his best winning chance of the night.Here's what Richard had to say:

Race 1 (8) Grenado – “I expect him to need the run back on Friday night. He looks a bit pretty but the run will do him the world of good and he will be a better horse for the run back. I will be hoping he gets around safely and behaves himself and that will have him in good stead for the coming weeks.”

Race 4 (9) Bopper Jet – “It was a massive run last week, losing many lengths at the start before working and looping the field mid-race and still only just going down right on the line. He has felt much better this prep and even though he made a mess of the start last week, he gait has improved immensely and he has felt like a horse who is finally starting to put it all together. In saying that though he still isn’t quite full proof just yet but the talent is there for sure and if he can get away with them and not do his chips at the start, he would rate as my best winning chance of the night.”

Race 5 (3) Majestic Gal – “She lost her chance with an early mistake last week but she actually felt really good after that and i’m not saying that she would’ve won had she not broken but she passed a fair few after breaking early and having to weave her way through the other mistake makers. This is a fairly even field and if she did things right and got a trip to suit, she could suprise and get into the thick of things at good odds.”

Race 5 (7) Gintaras – “He is in a similar situation to Grenado in that he will need this run. He too looks a little pretty and will be a better horse with a few under his belt. If he got the perfect trip and had to do no work in the run, he is a horse well capable of getting into the finish in a race like this but I feel that his condition will give out this week and is best watched in weeks to come.”

Race 7 (2) Torbjorn – “He is just such an honest old customer who does everything right and puts himseld in the race week after week with his good manners. He took a big step up in class last week but put himself in the race at the start and stuck on really well for third. I expect something similar from him this week and as always, he needes to be considered for trifecta’s and first 4s.

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