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Nov 16, 2016 ATC Updates

Minimum owner stakes payments and trainers incentives working well for everyone racing here at Alex Park

As of August 1 2016 the ATC have introduced a new minimum owner/trainer payments schedule that will be in effect for all  meetings here at Alexandra Park

What does this mean for you?

This means for starting your horse at Alexandra Park as an owner you will receive a minimum stake of $250.00 and as a trainer you will receive a minimum payment of $150.00.

Making sense of the ATC Minimum Owner Payment on our race programmes

For all races advertised in this programme, the advertised owner stake payment for placing’s 5th or lower will receive an additional $50 by way of payment from HRNZ. These additional payments will be added to the total stake to be paid for the race.

For example the advertised stake for 5th placing in the programme for race 1 is $250. With the additional payment of $50 this will increase to $300. Likewise the others payment in race 1 advertised at $200 will increase to $250 when the additional $50 is added.

A further example will be in race three where the 5th placing will earn $388 when the $50 is added and the others payments will increase to $320 with the additional $50 added.

Here’s how the ATC Minimum Trainer Payments work

As indicated in the special conditions for each Alexandra Park meeting, should a trainer choose to race their horse at Alexandra Park you will receive a minimum payment of $150.00 GST exclusive per starter. The payment of $150.00 is inclusive of any trainer percentage included in the stake received.

For example, if your horse was to finish fifth in a particular race and the stake for running fifth in that race was $300, you would receive $30 as per the trainers % of the stake plus an additional $120 payment direct from the ATC.

If your horse was to finish second in a particular race and the stake for finishing second was $2040, you would receive $204 as per the trainers % of the stake but no additional payment would be paid as you would have received the minimum $150 as the trainer.

All trainers whose horses finish sixth or worse will receive a flat $150 payment from ATC.

Should any further clarification be required in regards to these payments please free to contact me.


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