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Oct 19, 2017 ATC Updates

The ATC have recently undergone a massive ownership project to help do our part for this great industry of ours and make it as easy as possible for everyone no matter what level of expertise, budget or interest to get involved in harness racing ownership and enjoy the thrill that is owning a standardbred racehorse!!

Whether you know that been ‘trapped three wide the trip’ is a bad thing or when the commentator says your horse is ‘smoking the pipe waiting for the lane’ is most likely going to send you home with a smile, the ATC want to make ownership and getting involved in this great sport of ours as easy as possible!

We often get told “Id love to be involved and own a share in a horse…but I just wouldn’t know where to start” – well that is now a thing of the past! The ATC Ownership portal combines all you need to know about getting into standardbred ownership – the types of ownership on offer, the costs, the benefits…the list goes on & best of all, it’s only a click of the mouse away! Before you know it you’ll be off and racing and cheering home your pride and joy!

Picture this…it’s a beautiful sunny Auckland evening, you’ve just arrived at The Park with your group of friends (who may or not also be involved in the ownership of your horse – although trust me by the end of this paragraph you’ll have friends you didn’t even know about), you’ve just picked up your owner’s entitlements and your horse is racing in 15 minutes. You head to the tote, the trainer says “won’t get beat” so you bring out the big boy, the greenie a.k.a a $20 note…you throw down $10 each-way (that’s $10 for a win & $10 for a place / top 3) and you head off to the owners VIP enclosure to pick up your complimentary drink and take in the action from the best seat in the house…right on the finishing line! The mobile barrier takes off, your horse drawn 1 fires out and takes the lead (just like the trainer said it would…this is already looking pretty good)…2000 metres later (just a little over 2 minutes) and he swings round the final bend still in the lead…the other horses look to be struggling, they aren’t getting near your horse…50m to go “I think he’s going to do it, I think about to own my first winner”….and just like that you have experienced the thrill of owning a racehorse – there is nothing quite like it. Your so excited you leap up and throw your ticket in the air (yes it’s a winning one) – luckily for you your 10 year old son came along for the evening and he’s had his eyes on the $5 you promised him if it won all night so the ticket is safer than in a bank’s underground safe. You head down to the winner’s enclosure with your posse to have your winning owners photo taken with your horse. There he is, such a beautiful strong looking animal (someones getting a carrot on the way home tonight that’s for sure). Then off to the winners bar to re-watch the race DVD whilst sipping a beverage of your choice…ahhh you think “I could get use to this”…well guess what, now you can!!

The ATC would like to thank the help of everyone who got involved in the process of making this ownership portal possible and in particular to the trainers and licensed syndicators who so kindly gave us their time so that we could have the most comprehensive ownership portal going in the industry!

Follow the links below to see how you can get involved and to learn more about just how easy standardbred ownership is!!

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