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Nov 30, 2017 ATC Updates

There has recently been some speculation that the racing surface here at Alexandra Park is becoming under increased scrutiny and in some cases becoming dangerous to race on. The ATC would like to reiterate to everyone that we take the condition & safety of the track surface extremely seriously and as such, subsequent to some material that has been in circulation in both the print/online media and social media, that on Tuesday 28th November the ATC invited vastly experienced horsemen (and president of the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Owners Association) Richard Brosnan to trial a couple of horses on the track.

Richard reported that in his opinion the current state of the track  was very acceptable and although there were a couple of minor issues that he pointed out, these are (and have been) easily rectified and that he feels there is no risk to the safety of either horses or drivers competing on the track. The course was walked extensively by Richard in conjunction with track manager Wayne Thomas and we are confident that the track will be in excellent into the foreseeable future and beyond.

The ATC encourages feedback from driver’s in regards to the state of the track so that any potential issues can be minimised but would like to remind everyone that should you have any issues in regards to the state of the track on racenights to please see your Horseman’s representative Todd Macfarlane who will relay this to the racing & track manager to remedy these issues in a timely manner.

As an aside to this, in order to help preserve the condition of the track on racenights, we would like to request (where possible) to warm your horse up around the outside of the track as opposed to down near the markers.

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