Aaron White looks to send us out of May on top

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May 23, 2017 Tips / Expert Selections

He watches the racing here at The Park week after week from the best seat in the house, so sit back, relax and let the man who knows the horses like the back of his hand do all the work for you.

Race 1 
6.One Bid Buys 4.Rave Nation 2.Phoebe Gem 3.Anzac

Race 2
7.Rain Man 3.King Of Swing 4.Happy Place 8.Royal Lincoln

Race 3
13.Amanda’s Spur 4.I’m Just Awesome 8.Lovely Bundy 7.Mass Destruction

Race 4
9.Big Mach 2.Zadaka 3.Romanite 10.Kenrick

Race 5
6.Eye Lash 15.Luis Alberto 13.Janies Got A Gun 2.Shanocon

Race 6
5.Gentleman Sir 9.Djokovic 3.Shady Sadie 12.Realmein

Race 7
9.Bet Out Of Ell** 1.Alta Intrigue 7.Jo’s Dream 8.Lusty Mac

Race 8
6.Opoutama 8.Envious 4.Pakipaki 5.Classy Chapel

Race 9
8.Spring Campaign** 7.Neighlor 6.Maheer Mister 3.Shadow Pass

Race 10
6.Dreamy Nights 11.Joemaro 3.Lis Rulz 8.Johnny Podres

Best Bets:
Race 7 9.Bet Out Of Ell and Race 9 8.Spring Campaign.

Race 10 1.Youbetteryoubet.

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