Aaron White looks to bring us an early xmas prezzie this Friday @ The Park

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Dec 20, 2017 Tips / Expert Selections

He watches the racing here at The Park week after week from the best seat in the house, so sit back, relax and let the man who knows the horses like the back of his hand do all the work for you.

6:26pm Race 1.
2.All Over The Stars 3.Swinging 4.Missy Moo 10.Luck Of The Moment.

6:56pm Race 2.
1.Tiger Swift 9.Harmony Blue 8.Monkey Princess 2.First Class Lady.

7:24pm Race 3.
6.Hot Flush 9.Hunter Bromac 5.Lynbar Rose 1.The Thug.

7:53pm Race 4.
8.Triple Eight** 4.Sheriff 7.Zadaka 3.Freedom Fighter.

8:24pm Race 5.
10.Sertorius 9.Musculus 8.Jomo 5.Stow.

8:52pm Race 6.
8.Motown 7.Seaswift Joy 4.My Generation 1.Ideal Roman.

9:17pm Race 7.
5.Gupta’s Cullen 2.American Empress 7.Pakipaki 1.Gooddealehemily.

9:47pm Race 8.
4.Heavyweight Hero** 2.Angus Burga 5.Shady Sadie 6.Charlemagne.

10:16pm Race 9.
5.Storm Prince 7.The Big Cheese 3.Bit Of A Tiger 6.Machbrad.

Race 4 8.Triple Eight.
Race 8 4.Heavyweight Hero.

Race 3 8.Tennyson Inlet.

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