Aaron White looking to send us out of a big March here at The Park on a winning note

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Mar 21, 2017 Tips / Expert Selections

He watches the racing here at The Park week after week from the best seat in the house, so sit back, relax and let the man who knows the horses like the back of his hand do all the work for you.

Race 1 
10.Madhubala 7.Splash The Monkey 6.One Bid Buys 3.Te Kouka Success

Race 2
6.Double Twist 7.Master George 8.Tact Ollie 9.Franco Hamilton

Race 3
10.C K Spur 12.Tuiz Luck 1.Roi Des Gitans 11.Barefoot Barbie

Race 4
2.Alta Intrigue* 3.Alta Las Vegas 7.Mr Euroman 1.Kenrick

Race 5
7.Northview Hustler 6.Wrangler 2.Check In 4.Italian Delight

Race 6
2.Bettor Joy 14.New York Rain 8.Spandau Ballet 12.Caitlyn Clarke

Race 7
9.Lemond 10.King Of The Roses 14.Prime Power 2.Princess Mackendon 11.Realmein^

Race 8
5.Juice Brogden* 4.Gotta Go Dali Queen 7.Whitecliff Chapel 1.Rocknroll Princess

Race 9
1.Jamm Kiss 7.Eye Lash 6.Runcle 2.Savanna

Race 10
1.Three Kisses 5.Luis Alberto 2.Cowboys N Aliens 3.My Generation

Best Bets:
Race 4 2. Alta Intrigue and Race 8 5.Juice Brogden

Race 7 11.Realmein

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