Aaron White helping us into a pre-xmas winner this Thursday night at The Park

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Dec 20, 2016 Tips / Expert Selections

He watches the racing here at The Park week after week from the best seat in the house, so sit back, relax and let the man who knows the horses like the back of his hand do all the work for you.

Race 1
1.Rocknroll Princess 2.Booming Jet 3.Kate Black 4.Toot Toot

Race 2
2.Rocknroll Legend* 1.Saucy Rebel 6.Rory McIlroy 5.Runrunjimmydunn

Race 3
10.Saint Michel 9.Sundown In Paris 3.Majestic Gal 5.Opawa Speed

Race 4
2.Northview Hustler 6.Lerato 7.Positano 11.Master George

Race 5
1.Van Mara 8.Kenrick 7.Bonnie’s Khaleesi 6.Cullen Who

Race 6
5.Acceptance* 6.Rakarazor 9.Zadaka 2.Cullen Who

Race 7
9.Eyre I Come 11.Harriet Of Mot 8.Monnay 10.Commander Paris

Race 8
6.Spirit Of Delight 1.Lady Bellissimo 9.Harper Franco 10.Savanna

Race 9
3.Musculus 8.Tuhimata Lass 12.One Bid Buys 1.Madhubala

Best Bets: Race 2 2.Rocknroll Legend and Race 6 5.Acceptance. Longshot: Race 4 5.Pocket Major.

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